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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who align with our values and purpose. As a social enterprise start-up, there are no shortage of ways that you can get involved, and we are continuously innovating to provide the best experience.

about us
work that works for you
We’re taking the future of work into our own hands and breaking with the status quo. Reverse recruiting, a values-first interview process, and experimental work design. Nothing is off-limits as we focus on innovating in three key areas to deliver careers that you can wake up excited about.
our people
human connection first

Human connection is the heart of Zentient’s work. We lead from a place of empathy, growth and authenticity in order to enable trust and deep understanding in all of our relationships. We celebrate people for their stories and diverse experiences, and take a person-first approach to all that we do.

Zentient team members are steward leaders who understand the power of compassionate influence and feel empowered to act on that influence. We connect genuine and talented individuals with purposeful projects with a view to fostering networks of changemakers inspired to deliver tangible impact within their own communities.

We’re committed to our people – because our relationships are our cornerstones of success.

our culture
experimental workplace design

Zentient is experimenting with a workplace design centred around human needs and wellbeing. We’re interested in curating mentally healthy spaces where people can show up with authenticity to do the work which matters to them, in the way that suits their aspirations and circumstances.

Workplace support and psychological safety are embedded in the fabric of Zentient culture, because personal wellbeing is key. The personal informs the professional, and we believe work and life can strengthen one another when they’re aligned through connection and purpose. So when it comes to work, we’re casual but smart about the way we get things done.

We bring curiosity and innovation to the questions that matter. By fostering a culture of radical openness and collaboration, Zentient drives personal and professional growth in a supportive and feedback-driven environment.

our careers
supporting your ambitions

Zentient invests in talent and supports them to realise their ambitions. We recognise high-calibre talent and encourage applicants and employees to be radically candid about where they would like to be in the future. By inducting our employees through a holistic career mapping process, we empower individuals with a blueprint for achieving their goals and the supportive networks to accelerate growth.

Reverse recruiting, personal mentorship and workplace buddies are our tools for exploration. We’re committed to understanding and growing alongside our people, because empowered individuals pave the way for empowered communities.

If there’s a future you’re dreaming of, we’ll help you get there.

our pathways
how can you fit into the Zentient team?
We have a range of career pathways available at Zentient, including those within the Zentient Collective, and roles that are part of our Zentient Executive which exists to serve members of the collective.


For those interested in entrepreneurship and seeking to experience the rollercoaster that is establishing a social enterprise.


You are an ambassador of Zentient, active in your local community, connecting us to opportunities where we can create impact.


You are responsible for helping the client develop a clear blueprint for their digital culture, and overseeing their progress.

site manager

‍You digitally transform organisations from within, supporting the architect and managing tradies in the pursuit of progress.


You are a specialist in a digitally-related skill-set (yes, we mean to be that broad) who we will call upon as required by clients.


You're filled with passion and purpose, and would like to learn more about us and our roles by sitting in on one of our projects.
frequently asked questions
you may be wondering...
Below you'll find answers to the questions we commonly get asked.

are you currently hiring?

We're not currently hiring, however we're always open to meeting awesome people and will do our best to create an opportunity for you if we think that there is a values and skills fit.

what is it like working at a start-up?

Lots of fun and lots of learning. In a traditional firm, when you're 11 layers down from the top of the organisation, what you do doesn't really change that much. In a start-up however, you have real power to make change. Additionally, instead of being hyper-specialise, you'll be able to try out a range of skills, which is perfect if you're unsure where you'd like to go.

do you do flexible work?

Pfft, we're a start-up, of course we do. What's more, our different roles work in different ways so there is a broad range of choices depending on how your brain likes to work. For example, Site Managers usually work in an ongoing basis for 1-2 days per week with each client, from their premises. Tradies, on the other hand, set their own hours and can work whenever and wherever.

what is your interview process like?

Very different. When actively recruiting, we run activity days that give you a chance to meet the team in a fun setting, whilst having an opportunity to ask questions. Afterwards, you can go home and submit an application for the role that interests you the most. In order to progress, you'll need to have at least one Zentient representative put their hand up and say that they thought you'd be a good addition. They will then be responsible for formally interviewing you. The first formal interview is a values alignment conversation, and the next stage is a career mapping exercise where we determine how you might be able to fit in.

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We'd love to chat with you to hear about your interest in joining the team and to answer any of the questions you might have for us.