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Join the growing number of nonprofits harnessing technology by taking a holistic, outcome-focused approach to building digital capability. We can help you create streamlined workflows for your team, which allow you to do more good with less.

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achieve digital feng shui with fewer consultants
Keeping a house orderly can be difficult without a resident Marie Kondo. Likewise, if you've always relied on outside sources for technology advice, you may find that, despite accumulating a number of tools over time, they've never actually made your life easier. We help nonprofit organisations take back control of their digital cultures, to ensure that tech works for, not against, them.


‍They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. We say the first step is getting Zentient to come in to conduct interviews and workshops with your team to assess your digital culture.


Having assessed the foundations, we'll work with you to design blueprints for your digital culture showing how the tools, data, people, and training resources will all be tightly integrated.


With the plans drafted up, we help you bring the vision to life. We take the role of an architect and remain unbiased, and can assist with grant-writing, screening tech specialists, or recruiting for tech roles.
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that all sounds nice but what is digital culture?
Dive into the world of digital culture with this comprehensive guide. Learn what digital culture is, why it's crucial for any successful digital transformation, and how to build it.

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