what we do

Following in-depth research and thorough consultation with leaders in the for-purpose sector, we have developed a service offering uniquely fitted to addressing the most pressing technology challenges faced within the sector.

our approach
building a digital culture is like building a house
You can't build a house without first assessing the foundations upon which it's going to be built. That's why we always start with surveying. Next, it pays to come up with a blueprint for what your digital culture currently looks like, as well as where you'd like it to be. Once there's a clear plan in place, it's easy to start building towards that end goal, accessing specialist trades along the way.
get an external evaluation
Surveying is for you if you'd like to receive an external audit of how your organisation's digital culture is performing. During the surveying process, we'll conduct surveys, interviews, and facilitate group workshops in order to compile our final report.
co-design a blueprint for the future
The goal of architecting is to co-design a digicultural blueprint for the future. To do so, we'll first dive into your systems and speak with staff to map out how things are currently working. The outcome of the architecting process directly informs the goals and initiatives that we pursue in the building phase.
work towards digicultural maturity
With a clear blueprint established, the work of building your digital culture can begin. This is an agile and community-led process which involves regularly assembling a diverse group of staff to receive feedback and to set the list of priorities.
access talented tech specialists
As the process of building your digital culture advances, you may find yourself in need of a particular area of technological expertise. We provide you with access to our network of tech professionals who deliver high quality services at discounted rates to not-for-profit organisations.

Can you help us get grant funding?

Absolutely we can! Typically, at the end of the architecting stage, once we have developed a plan that identifies priority projects, we can begin to look at grant funding opportunities.

can you explain what digital culture is again?

Sure! Your digital culture is the ecosystem of software, data, people and documentation that interact within your organisation to get work done on a daily basis. Taking a digicultural approach means looking holistically, and including components such as staff digital literacy in the scoping of a new project. It represents a refreshing new approach to tackle the problem of new systems making things more difficult, when they should be making life simpler.

do you offer any discounts for small charities?

We know that for small and early-stage organisations technology can be expensive at the best of times. Whilst all of our services lead the industry in cost-competitiveness, we acknowledge that they are still a cost. As such we will always strive to work with you to make it work. Get in touch if you'd like our assistance but are worried about financing.

who is Zentient?

Zentient is a Perth-based social enterprise start-up which is aiming to help local not-for-profit organisations do more good with less. In the short few years we've been operating, we've already worked with some of WA's best known charities. If you'd like to find out more about our story and purpose, I'd encourage you to check out our about us page.

next steps

it starts with surveying

If you're unsure where to start, or would like some help to come up with a strategy and list of tech priorities, surveying is for you.