who we are

Zentient is fast becoming the first point of call for organisations seeking to leverage technology for impact. The result of countless hours of research and interviews with leaders in the sector, our unique model is built by nonprofits, for nonprofits.

our purpose
driven by social impact, not shareholder returns
We are devoted to closing the technological capability gap that exists between the for-profit and for-purpose sectors. In doing so, we seek to empower these critical community organisations to do more good, with less. In that regard, we evaluate our success on the impact we help deliver, rather than on our profit and loss.
our story
a management consultant and a freelance software developer walk into a college dining hall

What started as two friends reconnecting over a lunch has quickly grown into one of Perth's most exciting social enterprises. Since founding Zentient in 2021, we have continually sought out opportunities to better understand and address the needs of the not-for-profit sector. Along the way, we have celebrated many "smilestones" and witnessed the transformative power that technology has in enabling impact.

our people
sure, we're fluent in geek speak, and computer code, but more importanly, we're humans too

We're not just another technology consulting firm. We're a collective of change-makers who have a shared passion for fostering innovation within the nonprofit sector. And we've found that in most of our work so far, it's not our knowledge of an obscure programming language, but rather our drive to connect on a human level which has enabled us to build thriving digital cultures.

our approach
the everything-is-a-project approach to technology has been failing us, let's face it

At Zentient, we believe in a holistic approach. We understand that technology is not just about systems, but about how these systems integrate with people, processes, and the unique culture of an organization. Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and its users, ensuring that tools are not just implemented, but adopted, understood, and utilized to their fullest potential.

our achievements
our pioneering model has been recognised by some of perth's leading innovators

We've been fortunate enough to be awarded entry and scholarships to accelerator programs such as Impact Seed Impact2Innovate, Curtin University Ignition, and Bloom Orbit. Much of our success can be attributed to the expert guidance we received during these programs. In the time since, we have continued to make a name for ourself, working with a variety of Western Australian organisations.

We founded Zentient in 2021 to address the unique challenges that nonprofit organisations face when it comes to building digital capability. Not only are the current technology industry leaders failing to address this, but I believe that the sector has been unknowingly but systematically contributing to the deficit that exists. Project-based service models which do not adequately prioritise self-sufficiency as an ultimate objective have meant that well-intentioned deliverables have become an additional burden to use and maintain.
our values
we're not robots...beep
Human connection is at the heart of everything we do. Because, quite frankly, I'm a bit tired of suits who rock up, pretend to listen, then proceed to tell you what to do, without asking your name.


We listen attentively to your desires and frustrations so that the work we do is built on a foundation of understanding.


We seek to form meaningful relationships through conversation that comes from a place of genuine interest and vulnerability.


We relish the chance to grow personally and professional even when that means taking calculated risks or facing setbacks.


We like to share as much as possible to build trust and create a relationship of openness and vulnerability.


We like to do things better. Sometimes that means breaking with tradition, taking a risk and seeing what happens.


We combine diversity in thought with a shared mission through inclusion and appreciation for unique perspectives.

next steps

services for every level of digicultural maturity

Learn more about the services we offer, and how these align with the key phases in the process of developing your digital culture.