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This case study highlights how Teach Learn Grow (TLG), a tutoring non-profit, overcame data management challenges by transitioning from Google Sheets to Salesforce. Our digital consulting firm facilitated this shift, resulting in improved efficiency, data security, and decision-making capabilities, paving the way for TLG's future growth.

the problem
Reducing system downtime and administrative burden

Teach Learn Grow (TLG), an organization that facilitates transformative bi-annual volunteering trips, found themselves facing an uphill battle in data management and operational efficiency. The heart of their mission – to connect university students with rural and remote students for tutoring sessions – was hindered by their current system. Their operations relied heavily on Google Sheets, a solution which, although functional for smaller operations, was proving increasingly insufficient for their growing needs. The system was becoming more susceptible to breakdowns, lacked the robustness to handle the scope of their data, and fell short in terms of security and reliability. A shift was needed to keep up with their expanding operations, to enhance their effectiveness and to streamline their processes, but the challenge lay in finding the right solution to meet their unique requirements.

our solution
An industry-grade solution for a growing organisation

As a specialist not-for-profit digital culture consulting firm, we stepped in to architect an upgrade that would revolutionize TLG's operational landscape. Our solution was Salesforce – a world-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that could house all their data under one reliable, secure, and intuitive system. We began by conducting a thorough audit of their existing data management system, identifying critical areas of improvement and mapping out a transition strategy that would minimize disruption. We then implemented Salesforce, customizing it to cater to TLG's specific needs, ensuring all relevant stakeholders were adequately trained, and systematizing data input and management procedures. The transition from Google Sheets to Salesforce involved meticulous data migration, but we managed it seamlessly, ensuring data integrity and continuity in operations.

the result
Reducing the cost and speed of program delivery

The impact of the transition to Salesforce was felt almost immediately. The new system brought about increased efficiency, data security, and operational reliability. Gone were the days of 'broken' sheets and missing or conflicting data. Salesforce provided a 'single source of truth,' ensuring that every piece of data was not only accurate but readily accessible to all relevant parties. With Salesforce, TLG found it easier to manage and track the progress of their volunteering programs. The ability to customize reports and dashboards led to better decision-making, with all data necessary for such decisions readily available and easy to interpret. The operational efficiency also improved, with manual and redundant tasks significantly reduced, freeing up valuable time for staff and volunteers to focus on what matters most – making a difference in the lives of the students they serve. In the long term, this transformation has poised TLG for growth and scalability, equipping them with the digital infrastructure needed to effectively expand their operations, reach more students, and make a greater impact in the communities they serve. Through implementing Salesforce, TLG not only found a solution to their immediate problems but also set themselves up for future success.

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